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Returns Policy

While we're completely confident in our products at Ventura Electric, we've got this nifty 14-day Returns Policy so if you have a change of heart about your purchase, you can return your product in it's original condition and we can organise a refund.

Now, let's dive into when this guarantee kicks into gear:

  1. Your product needs to be in its original, pristine state, still in its fresh-out-of-the-box packaging.
  2. If you've received something that's just not what you ordered – we get it, and we've got your back.
  3. You need to be the original buyer and have a receipt to prove it.
  4. Major manufacturer hiccups, like faults, defects, or the product taking a nosedive, are fair game.

But, there are times when our guarantee takes a breather:

  1. When products have seen some wear and tear (and it's not the manufacturer's doing).
  2. If the product looks like it's been around the block a few times, rather than brand new.
  3. When Mother Nature or some other cosmic force decides to shake things up.
  4. If you just change your mind or have a sudden change of heart about your purchase.
  5. When things take a turn for the worse due to some unintended roughhousing.
  6. If you circle back to your order more than 14 days later.
  7. If the issue has more to do with something outside of the product itself, like external factors or minor quirks.

Now, let's talk shop about those "Minor Faults" and "Major Faults":

  • Minor issues, like a pesky squeaky chain or gear trouble due to an adjustment mishap, won't score you a refund, but we'll roll up our sleeves and get to work fixing them.
  • Major problems, on the other hand, are a different story. These get you a refund. Think of it as a big mess, like a product that's taken a serious hit and is beyond a quick fix.

A quick heads-up: if you've asked us to dive into something dicey, like an unsafe or illegal task, and things go haywire, we might not be able to grant you a refund or warranty. Safety's a big deal!


Now, when it comes to returning items to us:

If you need a hand with the return process, we're here to lend a hand. Our team can line up couriers to swing by your place and pick up the product, provided it's securely boxed.

To get the return ball rolling, we'll need a receipt or some proof that you're the original purchaser. But don't send your items back to the manufacturer – we're the ones to talk to.

When it's time to ship your return, a friendly member of our squad will point you in the right direction. And, there might be some shipping costs to consider, depending on where you're at. We won't send out replacements until we've got the original products back in hand.

For items over 100 bucks, it's a smart move to go for trackable shipping or grab some shipping insurance. We can't guarantee we'll catch your return without it.


Speaking of partial refunds:

In some cases, like when items aren't in their original condition or are missing parts (and it's not our or the manufacturer's fault), we might have to give a pass on a full refund. Also, if you're making a return request more than 14 days after your order, or if it's something beyond the product's control, we might opt for a partial refund.


Now, about exchanges:

We're all about exchanges if your item is defective or damaged beyond repair. But if it's just a change of heart kind of deal, we can't swing it.

Remember, when you roll with Ventura Electric, you're giving us the green light on those terms and conditions we just laid out. If you've got any questions or need some clarity, just give us a shout. We're all ears, always ready to chat. 🚲🤙